5 inspiring podcasts

5 inspiring podcasts for the holiday season

Staying indoors. Enjoying the warmth. Cozying up on the couch. And maybe even stay in bed for as long as possible. Life slows down comfortably during the holiday season.

We have some tips to get creative or inspiring content while enjoying these much cherished moments. Whereever and whenever you want. As the end of the year is marked by countdown lists. We decided to give you a countdown of our favourite inspiring podcasts.

creatieve inspiratie1. Fortunately

A podcast that intended to be just a chatterbox for women in broadcasting won the Funniest show at the ARIA awards. Weird? Well it really isn’t. Lay back on your sofa and listen to the amazing banter these two women have. Making you feel part of the gang.
Why is it inspiring? Fortunately shows a different way of dialogue creation that is often direct and cynical, but is always from the heart. Aware of their own background and opinions, Jane and Fi have an open inspiring dynamic that is rarely found in the media today.

5 inspiring podcast2. The moth: radio hour

Other people’s stories really inspire us. Authentic, ordinary stories of people like you and me. They can make you laugh, cry and even make you contemplate your own life and actions. A great way to get new insights.

Finding a podcast with inspiring real-life stories isn’t hard. There are loads of them out there. Like the sensational ‘Terrible,  thanks for asking’ and the Dutch ‘Het leven een gebruiksaanwijzing’. Both amazing compilations of true stories. But the real star will, in our eyes, always be: ‘The moth’. Want to see proper storytelling in action? Subscribe to the moth.
Since 1997 stories have been told on stage by random people. Backed by editors from The Moth, the best and most emotive stories get a change to be heard.
The Moth podcast gives us an entire hour of these gems. From all over the world. Because The Moth has spread its wings and is giving people all over the world a voice. An amazing ambition wherein The Moth takes the power of personal journeys to create a sense of community.

5 inspiring podcasts3. Personal best

Two Canadian blokes help out people with their (little) fears and phobias. That is the premise to ‘Personal best’. It is the inventive and creative way in which they actually help that inspires. Getting a robot to help a woman out with her fear of big menus, is just one of the ingenious ways Andrew and Rob help the general public. Creative solutions that inspire.

Personal Best is your podcast if you love turning tiny goals into grand adventures.

5 inspiring podcasts4. Ongesigneerd

Calling all the Dutch designers! Ongesigneerd is a must hear for you. Focussing on the design stories behind the most random of things. Ever wonder why the passport looks the way it does? Or a lamppost? Or the vibrator? The people from VPRO are here to help.

And the best thing…if you ever wonder what the design  story behind a mundane object is. Don’t hesitate to contact them.

5 inspiring podcasts5. Radiolab

A friend of mine tipped me about Radiolab. And I wish he hadn’t. This highly addictive podcast investigates the strange world around us.
Starting in 2002 the award-winning presenters have made science accessible to…well…everybody.
Current topics that amaze us all. Explained and accessible. With the personal favourite ‘Birth story’ a series that dives into the way we reproduce in todays world. Baffling and so inspiring.

We hope you enjoyed our top 5. Please let us know your favorite inspiring podcast by commenting below.

Happy holidays!

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